AQA Additional Science – learning/revision checklists

Note: as the title suggests this will only really be of use if you are teaching AQA GCSE Additional Science!

In the spirit of Ian of @teachingofsci this is an attempt to share some resources I’ve put together (based on similar checklists found on the TES website, such as the excellent ones produced by that link to his YouTube videos).

What I have made: The links are to DropBox folders containing separate checklists (some short ones combined 2 in 1) for all the topics examined in the AQA GCSE science courses (not including Science B and Additional Applied Science). They have been written using every statement from the specifications (excluding the seperate sections on How Science Works and Mathematical Requirements, but including the ‘outcomes’ at the beginning of each part of the spec), but written in a “You should be able to…” form.

How I’m using them: For my current Year 11s and Year 10s, I have given them the whole lot as a booklet to use for revision, but for my current Year 10s and all future GCSE classes I will give each student the relevant checklist for each topic at the start so they can be crystal clear about how their learning in class links to the exams they’ll have at the end. This means they are always aware when they are learning specifically what’s needed for their exams, and when they are going beyond the specifications.

Any comments / corrections most welcome, and if anyone knows who I should be crediting for the original checklist formats, please let me know. I can’t remember where I found the ones I used as a starting point.

The links are all in the same format:


2 thoughts on “AQA Additional Science – learning/revision checklists”

  1. Thanks for the checklists. The students find them really useful when they are revising. Visit my site for some science resources for KS3 and GCSE.

  2. Thanks for that Arnav. I’m really pleased to hear that these are of use to students beyond my school! And thanks for the invitation to use your resources as well.

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